ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In preparation for the move towards Windows as a Service, Kollective CEO, Dan Vetras has today announced that the company will be leveraging its widely-deployed, enterprise content delivery network to aid the distribution of vital OS upgrades and security patches throughout the enterprise space.

Kollective, which has traditionally been associated with largescale enterprise video delivery, will now leverage its software-defined network to help businesses install the latest OS upgrades and security patches en masse. Using Kollective’s existing peer-to-peer technology, businesses will now be able to install vital security updates rapidly, intelligently and at a rate unmatched by existing hardware-based solutions.

In contrast to conventional methods, which rely on a brute-force application of physical distribution points across a network, Kollective’s peer-assisted technology leverages the computing power of existing PCs throughout the enterprise. As each PC incrementally receives the relevant software update, it in turn distributes the update to additional machines, reducing the network load and the reliance on legacy hardware.

Speaking at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Kollective’s CEO, Dan Vetras highlighted the need for enterprises to prepare their update-infrastructure for a new era of constant evolution:

“With enterprise software now moving away from individual versions and towards a model of continuous updates, many large organizations are looking for ways to manage and install software at scale across tens of thousands of individual machines. This process is not only necessary to deliver the very best experiences, but is also a vital part of ensuring that an organization’s systems are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Our software-defined network solves both these issues, providing a fast and customisable platform through which vital security updates can be managed and distributed at scale, regardless of legacy hardware or slow network speeds. At Kollective, we see all digital content distribution as an opportunity to leverage our enterprise content delivery network, as such, expanding into software delivery seems like the next logical step. As we evolve our platform into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) our customers will no longer need to make multiple investments, instead being able to distribute both enterprise video content and software upgrades via a single platform.”


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