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KI-Diagnostik zur Anomalieerkennung

Sofortige Identifizierung von Netzwerkproblemen mit automatischen Warnmeldungen, die die Lösung beschleunigen

Was ist eine KI-gestützte Analyse?

Anomaly Detection replaces manual monitoring with trained algorithms that surface abnormal network performance and enable prioritized response measures. Identify and solve video collaboration obstacles faster through AI-fueled experience monitoring. Anomaly Detection recognizes aberrant network behavior based on indicators versus normal behaviors and flags the event.

Automated Data Intelligence

Automatically spot network hotspots and overcome delivery obstacles from the highest-level trends to the last user.



Receive live alerts when atypical behavior is detected on your network.

Intelligente Analytics

Centralized Diagnostics

Anamoly detections feed The Diagnostics Center which provides Suggestive Analytics to continously improve video collaboration.

Reduzierung der Infrastruktur

Response Protocols

Identify problems before they escalate and develop response plans to protect critical business units.

Anomaly Detection Fortifies Your Network

If network problems occur, AI-driven analysis swiftly isolates root causes by monitoring content, network, location, and user performance metrics.

  • Pinpoint affected regions, locations, and users
  • Drill deep into session and content diagnostics
  • Utilize Suggestive Analytics to dial in performance

Intelligent Diagnostic Capabilities

The Diagnostic center is fed by flagged incidents and surfaces improvement recommendations through Suggestive Analytics aimed at constantly improving performance. Effortlessly monitor and solve instances of:

  • Bitrate thrash
  • Blocked traffic from websocket connections
  • Player flaps (pause/play anamolies)
  • Timeline variance
  • Latency
  • Excessive stalling

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