The dynamics of the modern workplace have changed. The hybrid work model has connected employees on a scale never seen before. With employees working on-site, remote, or a combination of the two, the hybrid environment has forced businesses to become more flexible and adaptable. While many organizations have adjusted to facilitate this new way of working, some companies still lag in connecting their dispersed hybrid workforce.

To realize the full benefits of tools that support real-time collaboration and communication (e.g., Microsoft Teams), organizations need to equip their networks with technology that enables content delivery under any circumstance. Furthermore, without a reliable network to facilitate each businesses' unique content delivery needs, employees risk disconnecting from their coworkers and management. Kollective’s Complete Coverage helps organizations solve these challenges, ensuring all workers are connected regardless of location or network complexity.

Hybrid Office Networks

The hybrid office has created new challenges for network and IT administrators. Teams are more reliant on video communications than ever before. For enterprises to function smoothly, it is critical that every employee, whether they are in the office or remote, has equal access to high-quality video streams. Every organization has unique network requirements determined by office locations, security protocols, bandwidth allocation, and more.

Hybrid work environments complicate the needs of already complex networks. While network requirements change from business to business, typical challenges can include:

  • Remote offices
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Firewalled or backhauled locations (e.g., China)
  • Hard to reach users
  • Zero trust networks

Content Distribution Challenges

Any combination of the challenges listed above creates hurdles for distributing content across the enterprise. Whether you are a financial institution with security concerns or a multinational manufacturing organization with offices throughout China, the basic needs remain the same – to deliver content seamlessly to the edge. Network topologies differ from business to business, as do the solutions required to deliver content across those networks. However, the objective for all organizations remains the same – complete coverage.

Kollective's Complete Coverage

The goal of Kollective’s Complete Coverage is simple: moving content the last mile repeatedly and reliably regardless of network complexity. Kollective’s best-in-class ECDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) Platform has solutions covering every use case you are likely to encounter.

How Does Kollective Provide Complete Coverage?

Kollective’s Edge Accelerator Platform is a comprehensive solution that scales and secures content delivery to the network’s edge. Edge Accelerator covers the whole spectrum of delivery needs and use cases, ensuring that all employees receive content efficiently regardless of where they are located. Kollective achieves this through three delivery methods:

Browser-Based Peering - This WebRTC technology is the jack of all trades in the ECDN ecosystem. It covers the most common video delivery needs and is where businesses should start when selecting an ECDN.

Agent-Based Peering - Kollective’s Agent is a solution for businesses looking to scale content delivery beyond video (software and file delivery). The Agent excels in VOD delivery and offers an even higher level of security, making it an excellent choice for zero-trust networks.

EdgeCache - Used with Browser-Based Peering, EdgeCache aggregates content flows within the corporate firewall. This allows businesses to deliver content to low-bandwidth locations, remote offices and effectively bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Start your Journey to Complete Coverage with Browser-Based Peering

Browser-Based Peering is the foundation of Kollective’s Edge Accelerator Platform – the starting point for businesses looking to streamline communication and collaboration across the enterprise. Browser-Based Peering uses WebRTC technology to scale video distribution through a web browser or the Microsoft Teams client. It is a cloud-based software solution requiring no hardware or installation. It can be deployed rapidly with ease and covers a wide range of common use cases for both live video and video-on-demand (VOD). Start a Free Trial now.

Maximize Microsoft Investment with Complete Coverage

When paired with the O365 collaboration suite, Kollective helps businesses get the most out of their investment. Innovative tools like Microsoft Teams used in conjunction with backend solutions like Kollective’s Edge Accelerator allow organizations to achieve effective communication across the enterprise.