Case Study: Nationwide

NationWide is the largest building society in the world. With 19,000 employees located across 700 sites throughout the UK, internal communication is always a challenge and video has been an important part of the channel mix for over 20 years

Producing and distributing corporate and training films on VHS tape before moving to DVDs had a number of drawbacks as Charlotte Kensett, Senior Channel Manager for Internal & Change Communication at Nationwide, explains: “it was costly, added valuable time to the production schedule and was not an environmentally sound way to distribute content. As well as the usual issues around people not receiving the DVDs in the post, we also had no idea whether films were watched.”

While the company was convinced of the effectiveness of video as a communication vehicle, it knew there must be an easier, more effective online delivery route that allowed employees to watch content at their desks and at a time that suited them. Nationwide needed a solution that was secure, scalable, cost-effective and easy to monitor. It also had to be able to integrate with Outlook, SharePoint, and other existing collaboration systems. Above all, it needed the ability to deliver video without any significant effect on network performance and business-critical network traffic.