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Accelerate Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and automate your processes to deliver applications to the edge of your network.

Lower your TCO by eliminating the hidden costs of network infrastructure

The hidden costs of hardware-based networks account for 80% of the total cost of ownership.

Build a Smarter Network

Kollective for Endpoint Manager leverages a cloud-native architecture and peering technology to accelerate your MEM, delivering software faster and more efficiently.

Lower Cost of Capital Equipment

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing hardware and maintenance.

  • Reduce legacy hardware and network infrastructure
  • Eliminate 80% of the hidden costs associated with on-premise hardware infrastructure
  • Use our TCO calculator to estimate your savings (link)

Lower Cost of Operations

Reduce the hours spent delivering software to the edge of your network.

  • Automate and streamline your SCCM software delivery processes
  • Create an Intelligent network delivery system that increases speed and efficiency

Increase Security Compliance

Eliminate patch backlog and make your network more secure with 70% faster deployments

  • See the status of your network and software deliveries in real-time
  • Identify issues as they occur and drill down to individual endpoints to address them quickly

Lower Cost of Connectivity

Deliver software to all endpoints with your existing bandwidth using Kollective.

  • Future-proof your network for the Modern Workplace and Modern Desktop
  • Deliver 100% of software and save up to 99% of bandwidth
  • No risk to the network stability or your critical business applications

Provide the Highest Quality User-Experience

Deliver the software for the Modern Workplace to every desktop across your organization faster and more reliably.

  • Updates are invisible to the user, providing a superior user experience and greatly reducing IT support tickets
  • Provides greater utilization and productivity across the entire organization, giving improved ROI on your software investment
  • Remote offices enjoy the same high-quality experience as headquarters

SD-WAN and BUilding a smarter content delivery network

Kollective creates an intelligent mesh network from the endpoints across your network. Every endpoint has the potential to be a distribution point, providing self-optimizing delivery and adaptive recovery to ensure success.

Hear What some of our customers have to say

“Some patches are more important than others (March 2020 Critical video security update). If the CIO is nervous and wants the patch done ASAP, we can show penetration numbers as it happens and prove it’s growing fast. Updates are done in 2 days vs over a week and a half. And if there’s an error, we know exactly which machines to address.”

“We have over 30 custom apps at Ciena. Today we can sign a purchase order, get the licenses and deploy it all in the same week.”

“Remote office workers are no longer treated like second-class citizens.”

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