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Deliver Software & Applications to Remote Employees

Eliminate VPN saturation to efficiently distribute software and applications to remote workers with Kollective for Endpoint Manager

“With Kollective for Software Delivery, we’ve been able to focus more on other projects instead of having to constantly stop and investigate if there’s an issue why someone can’t get an update. It’s easily freed up an extra half a day a week per person during patch week.”

– Lanny Underhill, Lead Desktop Services Management - Ciena

Deliver Updates to the Network Edge

VPN saturation is a common occurrence for enterprise organizations with a large number of remote workers. This can lead to incomplete software deliveries and valuable time wasted redeploying software, updates and applications. Kollective for Software Delivery leverages the cloud to eliminate VPN saturation and reduces Azure data egress charges associated with software distribution using a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG).

Benefits of Kollective for Remote Software Delivery

  • Deliver software fast and securely to the edge 
  • Offsets up to 99% of VPNs bandwidth 
  • No risk to business applications or communications on the VPN 
  • Increases endpoint security and reduces network vulnerabilities 
  • Provides superior user experience and up-time 

A Remote Workforce Creates New Security Challenges

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020, remote work has increased the time to identify and contain a data breach, making it a major security concern for enterprise organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adding Kollective to your tech stack can help minimize these risks by ensuring reliable delivery of critical software and applications to company-owned machines.


Remote work impact on the average cost of a data breach

Kollective Works with Any Network Configuration

Kollective relieves VPN pressure by sourcing content directly from an enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) – not on-premise distribution points.

Software delivered via Kollective ECDN reduces costs by avoiding Azure data egress charges.

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