As COVID-19 takes hold around the world, global enterprises are leveraging technology to stay connected to their workforce and keep them informed. Over the last couple months, Microsoft Teams grew from 20 million daily active users to 75 million, highlighting the importance of real-time communication in maintaining daily operations. Enterprise Content Delivery Networks, like Kollective's ECDN, play a big role in this as they allow businesses to scale the delivery of content across enterprise networks without increasing bandwidth or putting other critical applications on the network at risk.

At Kollective, our robust client list ranges from top airline and utility companies to leading pharmaceutical and auto manufacturers. This gives us deep insight into how enterprises across all business segments are using ECDNs to overcome the communication challenge presented by COVID-19. Here's what we're seeing.

Top 4 Kollective Network Insights

1. 90% of enterprises using Kollective’s ECDN have used video to address their global organizations on the impact of COVID-19.

2. The total number of Live Events broadcast from the Kollective platform jumped over 50% from January to February, stayed roughly the same from February to March and in April, increased another 40% over the previous month.

3. From January to February 2020, the average number of Live Events per customer increased 30%. This is in contrast to 2019, where there was virtually no change over the same two months. While we saw a slight dip in March 2020, the average number of Live Events increased by 45% in April.

4. From January to March 2020, Live Events engaged 67% more employees across organizations, coinciding with greater adoption of collaboration tools.

The Key Takeaway

Although our network data tells a number of interesting stories, the most compelling is the rise of live video. Within a week of social distancing measures taking effect, businesses identified the need for real-time communication and switched to live video. As a result, the content reached a wider audience and had higher engagement.

In these challenging times, global enterprises are leveraging modern workplace tools to keep their organizations moving forward through better communication and collaboration. Live video is proving to be an asset for communicating real-time information and engaging the global workforce.

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