Ist Latenz ein Problem bei Unternehmensübertragungen oder Marketing-Events? Wie wird die integrierte Telefonie bei Latenzzeiten vom Erfahrungsaspekt her gehandhabt?

Latency is really not a big concern. It runs 30 seconds plus / minus. It is not an issue because the audio and video are a single stream. The audio is played through the pc speakers or whatever the play-out device may be.

How would you compare the North American Market to the European market in terms of readiness and implementation of Enterprise Video Solutions?

I’d say the markets are very similar. The trends tend to be more by company size and market segment. Many of the companies Kollective does business with are large global companies with headquarters in Europe.

Are API’s available for third parties or my corporation to add functionality to these tools?

Yes, the SD ECDN from Kollective has APIs that are leveraged by many software partners. Kollective also has video platform applications under the Kontiki brand for webcasting and video portals that also have APIs so they can be customized or extended by partners or customers.

Average meeting size for Skype Broadcast at Microsoft is 256. Doesn’t native Skype for Business handle meetings of that size?

Yes, Skype for Business can host meetings of up to 250 people. However, as meeting audiences scale beyond even 20-30 people, it can be more manageable to host a presentation style meeting using Skype Meeting Broadcast, rather than a fully collaborative meeting. To include more than 250 participants, Skype Meeting Broadcast is required.

Is this live? Or a pre-recorded broadcast?

The broadcast was live from a studio in Bellevue, Washington on April 28 th , 2016 at 11am Pacific Time.

How are Solutions being designed to enable Live Video Stream to Virtual Desktop Environments?

Kollective’s SD ECDN is supported on multiple Virtual Desktop environments. These solutions also support fall back to a clientless stream through a browser.